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Prophylaxis in Berlin (Mitte)

Prevention is the basis of dental activity. The interaction between domestic and professional oral hygiene is central. Caries and periodontitis are caused by bacteria in the plaque (biofilm). These two diseases are among the most common infectious diseases worldwide.

Bacteria obtain sugar from food for their metabolism. As a degradation product, acids are released which dissolve the minerals from the tooth enamel. After some time, a hole appears in the enamel, which becomes larger and larger if left untreated.

Regular personal oral hygiene at home also plays an important role in eliminating caries and periodontitis. It is also up to you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Professional tooth cleaning

Even with the best oral hygiene, it is usually not possible to remove all plaque completely at home. Therefore, professional dental cleaning at your dentist in Berlin (Mitte) is of central importance in the consistent treatment and prevention of tooth decay and diseases of the periodontal apparatus (periodontitis). For this purpose, we employ dental hygienists at the Feuerlandhöfe who have been specially trained for the prophylaxis, diagnosis and consistent but gentle therapy of periodontitis.

In professional tooth cleaning, plaque above and below the gums is carefully removed using ultrasound and possibly powder jet technology (Air-Flow® system). The teeth are then polished and sealed with fluoride gel. The tooth surfaces are now clean and smooth so that bacteria and new tartar cannot adhere quickly.

We will be happy to advise you in detail about prophylaxis in Berlin (Mitte). Make an appointment online or call us on 030 555 183 10. We look forward to your visit.

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