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Implantology in Berlin (Mitte)

In dentistry implants are artificial tooth roots. They are similar to a screw and are inserted into the jaw in a small surgical procedure. After a healing period, the implant actually fuses to the bone surrounding it, thus providing a stable base for different types of crowns or dentures.

Replacement of Teeth

In the absence of individual teeth, dental implants placed in the exact position of the missing teeth are the best option of replacement, since dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth.

If several teeth are missing or need to be removed, a removable denture can be avoided by using implants.

If all teeth are missing, a fixed or removable denture with particularly good hold is possible with implants. A high-quality temporary denture can be manufactured before surgery due to our three-dimensional planning. This way our patients can leave the dental practice with fixed dentures on the day of the operation.

At the Dentists Feuerlandhöfe, each implant is planned by us as a team. In most cases, the implants are placed virtually on the computer after a three-dimensional and very low-radiation X-ray. This way, existing risks and difficulties can be identified and avoided beforehand. In addition, we can present the process clearly and understandably to our patients.

Initial Consultation

Innumerable germs thrive in the healthy oral flora. Some of them are aggressive bacteria, but harmless as long as the oral flora is at equilibrium. In dysbiosis, the finely-tuned equilibrium of the oral ecosystem is disrupted, allowing disease-promoting bacteria to manifest and cause conditions such as caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.

In order to purposefully reduce the number of the potentially aggressive bacteria prior to surgical interventions, in particular implant surgery, preimplantation anti-infective therapy (PAT) was developed. The number of those bacteria can thus be reduced by more than 90%.

Implant Placement

After the preparation described above, we use the technique of keyhole surgery for implantation, and, if necessary, insertion of bone grafts. State-of-the-art technical equipment including a surgical microscope, magnifying glasses, ultrasound surgery, microsurgical instruments and ultrafine suture material ensure the highest quality.

Most treatments at your dentist in Berlin (Mitte) can easily be performed under local anaesthesia. In some cases, the use of nitrous oxide or sedatives can be reasonable. Of course, Implantation is possible even under general anaesthesia.

Thanks to these state-of-the-art methods, implantation is less stressful. There is noticeably less discomfort and wound healing is usually uncomplicated. The patients are ready for their everyday life within a very short time after the procedure!

Our goal is to send home each implant patient with a fixed provisional denture. This has a positive effect on the patient’s self-confidence and social poise. Healing can take place under the provisional denture without stress. For this purpose, temporary implants may also be used.


After the procedure, each patient receives post-operative behavioural rules. These are of course applied to the individual situation. Any necessary medication will be explained and prescribed. We will then define a follow-up interval together, because in addition to the proper care and cleaning of the implants, regular follow-up checks by our specialist staff are important.

Need more information about dental implants in Berlin (Mitte)? We are happy to advise you on all your options in the field of implantology. Make an appointment in our office on 030 555 183 10 or online.