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Periodontology in Berlin (Mitte)

Periodontitis is the disease of periodontium, which is the specialized tissues that both surround and support the teeth, maintaining them in the maxillary and mandibular bones.

The causes are various and the consequences of untreated periodontitis such as bad breath, loose teeth or frequent bleeding of the gums can be very unpleasant.

Periodontitis is also closely associated with a variety of general medical conditions. Interactions with diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, premature births and rheumatism are known.

Until a few years ago, periodontitis treatment was a protracted and extremely painful affair. Based on the latest findings and the most modern techniques, periodontal treatment is carried out within a short time and almost painlessly by your dentist in Berlin (Mitte).

Guided Biofilm Therapy

This is a highly modern treatment method for germ reduction. State-of-the-art Air-Flow® devices are used. They use a fine jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles. Bacterial plaque can be removed gently and efficiently below the gingival margin. This successfully combats the inflammation of the gum pockets.

We would be happy to advise you on your options in the field of periodontal therapy in Berlin (Mitte). Simply make an appointment in our practice. Use our online appointment form or call 030 555 183 10.

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