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Endodontics in Berlin (Mitte)

A successful, high-quality root canal treatment may avoid a costly surgical procedure and subsequent placement of a bridge or an implant.

If bacteria have entered the interior of the tooth (endodont), through to a large caries or a fracture, the result is usually a strong inflammation of the dental pulp (nerve, blood vessels, etc.). To eliminate the bacterial colonization, a root canal treatment in Berlin (Mitte) is necessary. The aim of this therapy is to eliminate the inflammation, to establish absolute freedom of symptoms and to preserve the tooth in the long term.

Root Canal Treatment

Most root canal treatments at your dentist in Berlin (Mitte) can easily be performed under local anaesthesia. Of course, this can be supplemented by the use of nitrous oxide or sedatives.

The tooth is isolated from the rest of the oral cavity by a small latex surgical drape (cofferdam). This is to ensure a completely dry operating field. This way no bacteria can reach the inside of the tooth during treatment. On the other hand, the rest of the oral cavity is protected from disinfecting solutions and conditioning instruments.

Then the root canal system of the tooth is disinfected under the dental microscope and filled bacteria-proof. The progress of the treatment is meanwhile monitored by an apex locator to measure the length of the root, as well as digital and very low-radiation X-ray images.

After a final very thorough disinfection with additional ultrasound activation, the root canal system is sealed in a modern thermoplastic procedure and the tooth is restored with an adhesive filling.

Depending on the degree of inflammation, several sessions may be necessary. The affected tooth is then filled with a medication between sessions and closed with a temporary filling.

Root Tip Resection

If the root canal treatment was not successful and the patient is still at discomfort, the last option for saving the tooth is a root tip resection. In the past, this was usually a very uncomfortable operation in which the gums were pushed to the side, a hole was drilled into the jawbone and the root tip was removed. Then the best possible attempt was made to disinfect the area without a proper view and the root was filled retrogradely. The chances of success were usually very poor. If, despite microscopic root treatment, a root tip resection is necessary, we perform this under the surgical microscope with ultrasound surgery using most modern methods. For retrograde filling, we only use the most modern filling materials and thus significantly increase the chance of saving the tooth.

Endodontic Retreatment

Most teeth can be spared from a root tip resection by using the most modern treatment methods. Even teeth that have been incompletely treated a long time ago can be retreated in most cases.

Endodontic Microsurgery / Root Tip Resection

If symptoms persist after the endodontic retreatment, the root tip is removed by minimally invasive endodontic surgery. By cutting a little window into the alveolar bone the canal system can be sealed retrogradely with a highly potent special filling material and with the aid of the dental microscope.

Would you like further advice on endodontic treatments in Berlin (Mitte)? We will be happy to help you. Make an appointment online or call us on 030 555 183 10.