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Crowns and Bridges in one Appointment (CEREC) in Berlin (Mitte)

What is CEREC? CEREC (Dentsply Sirona) means CEramic REConstruction. It is a CAD/CAM computer which designs and manufactures aesthetic ceramic restorations such as inlays, partial crowns, crowns and bridges in just one treatment session. Your advantage: Only one appointment, only one syringe, no temporary crown and more time for more important things.

Procedure of a Cerec Treatment:

After the preparation of the tooth, an intraoral scanner is used to take an optical impression of your teeth (comparable to a high-resolution video camera). There is no need to take any impressions – gagging and impression material between the teeth are a thing of the past.

With the data from the camera, we can construct crowns and bridges on the computer.

This data is then sent to a 4-axis milling machine and after about 15 minutes the crown or bridge is milled in its raw version. The ceramic restoration is further processed by the dental technician, aesthetically individualized and can be used directly. During production you can relax in our lounge.

Tooth out – Implant in – Crown on: CEREC makes it possible.

Another advantage of CEREC is the possibility of navigated implantology. If a tooth cannot be saved despite microscopic root canal treatment, CEREC enables us to plan the implant digitally, produce a 3D-guided drilling template and often insert an implant in the same session as the tooth is removed. The advantage for the patient lies in the significantly reduced healing time and the reduction to only one surgical procedure. It is even possible to place a temporary crown on the implant immediately afterwards if certain conditions are met. No aesthetic restrictions arise and poorly fitting removable dentures become superfluous.

In a detailed consultation, we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of immediate implantation with immediate restoration.

Do you have any further questions about CEREC? We will be happy to provide you with detailed information. Call 030 555 183 10 or make an appointment online.

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