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Dental Anxiety in Berlin (Mitte)

Most people feel uncomfortable in situations in which they must place themselves into strange hands and may experience pain. Uncomfortable feelings can evolve to fears or even panic states. Avoidance behaviour is oftentimes the result. This can lead to pain and tooth loss in the long run. We have many years of experience in the treatment of anxious patients in Berlin (Mitte) and we can help you to overcome your fear of the dentist. Treatment under general anesthesia is always a possibility.

We Take Away Your Dental Anxiety

We are happy to explain every individual step of the examination or treatment to you in detail. Even preliminary discussions in a meeting room are possible. This way we can get to know each other first, and you can build confidence in a relaxed atmosphere.

Easy and relaxed communication helps to make the treatment more comfortable. If you are afraid of your visit at your dentist in Berlin (Mitte), please give us a hint that you do not like going to the dentist!

We will treat you very carefully. Don’t accept toothache and tooth loss because of your anxiety, let us create a treatment concept that alleviates your fears and worries.

Perhaps a treatment with the help of nitrous oxide or under general anaesthesia could be a way to overcome your fears. We are very well prepared for this in our dental practice.

General Anaesthesia for Anxious Patients

If you suffer from dental anxiety or if you need a major treatment, general anaesthesia is possible in our dental practice. We have a modern anaesthetic machine, the appropriate equipment and premises and an anaesthesiologist. Your teeth are restored while you are sleeping, and you don’t feel pain because you’re completely unconscious. The treatment under general anaesthesia saves you many smaller appointments, as we can work through a lot in one go. A treatment time of maximum five hours is possible.

Use of Nitrous Oxide for Anxiety Patients

Inhalation of nitrous oxide or laughing gas is a modern, safe and proven method for a relaxed treatment of your teeth. The nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and administered by the dentist via a mask. Patients are awake and responsive throughout the dental procedure, a relaxed, warm, hovering feeling sets in and fears are reduced. In addition, laughing gas greatly reduces pain sensation and gagging.

A particular advantage of nitrous oxide is that you are ready to drive a few minutes after the dentist treatment.

Do you have further questions about the treatment of anxiety patients in Berlin (Mitte)? We are happy to give you detailed information. Make an appointment in our office on 030 555 183 10 or online.

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